Cross-disciplinary research puzzle

Solving interdisciplinary research puzzles

Technological advances are more and more taking place across the boundaries of scientific disciplines. With this in mind, our company was founded to pursue interdisciplinary research and to provide consulting services in a wide range of areas that benefit from combined insights of constructive theory and machine learning.

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How we get involved

  • Contract research: Model and algorithm development, data analysis, visualization
  • Consulting: A fresh look at your problem
  • Grant writing: Contribute to your proposal
  • Collaborative research and partnership

Computational approaches

Our extensive toolbox of computational methods helps uncover details, patterns, and predictive features not directly available from experiments. It can also result in great savings for your research budget.

Flexible solutions

We are very dynamic in responding to constantly changing cutting-edge research needs. Our expertise in multiple fields enables great flexibility in solving your research problems.

About our website

We acknowledge a number of open tools that we use in the web-development workflow. These, most notably, include Jekyll static site generation system, knitr report generator from R source code, pandoc universal markdown converter with bibliography extensions, and sigma.js JavaScript library along with Gephi visualization platform for network graphs. Several site elements were inspired by the Lab Notebook project. Site design is based on bootstrap CSS framework from the Twitter team.

Intersection: Scientific innovation meets big data

Where to find us

We are located at the intersection of theoretical models and machine learning, right where scientific innovation meets big data. This intersection is, of course, in San Francisco, which is arguably one of the most stimulating places for innovative thinking.